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Welcome to Selma City Schools


Greetings Everyone!


It is with great anticipation and excitement that I welcome everyone to the 2016-2017 school year! As we begin a new school year filled with hope, promise, and a vision of success for all students, let us forge new and stronger partnerships in their support.   Through working together and forming alliances on behalf of students, the possibilities for success in our district is limitless. The district’s theme, “Together We Rise” will remind us that we must come together as a school district and community for students to thrive because they are the most accurate reflection of us and our hope for a bright future.


Tremendous strides were made during the previous school year.   I would like to take this time to sincerely thank the Selma City School administrators, teachers, support staff, families, and community partners for their efforts rendered on behalf of students. A few of their accomplishments are listed below.


2015-2016 Accomplishments


* Increased graduation rate from 80% to 89% (currently).


* 14% increase in DIBELS scores (students who are ready to learn to read) for students who attended

  Byrd in kindergarten.


* Grants totally $1,219,559.29.


* Over $5.8 million facilities energy system upgrade, a cost neutral initiative.  


* Advance Placement (AP) classes starting 2016-2017.


* 6-12 Grade Reading and Math Intervention Program implemented to help students who are below grade level.


* A formal Advisory Program will be implemented to address the socio-emotional well-being and career

preparedness of students in 6-12 Grade starting 2016-2017.


* Central Office administrators who serve as district liaisons work closely with schools and are on school campuses weekly.


* Summer Learning Initiative – all students in Grades K-8 received a bag full of books and learning activities to

promote summer learning.


* Implemented an ACT Prep Initiative to help prepare students for the ACT.


* First SCS planned and implemented, Professional Development Summer Conference.


* Back-to-School Bash (2015-2016 and 2016-2017) - free uniforms, school supplies, snacks, fun, and information

  about community services and schools within the district.


* African American Studies classes will be offered at SHS starting 2016-2017.


This year, we will continue to focus on improving the culture and climate of the district in addition to our instructional focus of delivering highly effective instruction through the use of strategic teaching and Webb’s Depth of Knowledge model. In addition, three additional district priorities have been added and are listed below. Have an enjoyable and productive 2016-2017 school year. Together We Rise!


2016-2017 Priorities


1.    Improve Student and Staff Attendance Rate


2.    Develop Social/Emotional Intelligence and Career Preparedness

     * Daily Advisory Program (Pre-K-12), Character Education (K-12), and Bully Prevention Program


3.    Enhance Literacy Skills

     * Require students’ use of formal English and speak in complete sentences

       * Writing portfolios for each student (Prek-12)

     * Scheduled library visits minimum of 3 times per 9 week period (Pre-K-12)


Angela Mangum, Ph.D.

Superintendent of Selma City Schools