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School Incident Report (SIR) June 2010

The Alabama School Incident Report (SIR) was developed in 1997 by a task force composed of local school and selected State Department of Education (SDE) personnel. This program provides the framework for all Alabama public schools and school systems to collect school safety and discipline information in a uniform manner.

The SIR program streamlines the collection of specified data and contributes to paperwork reduction. It also merged the Suspension/Expulsion Report and the Annual safety/discipline reporting needs of various entities within the SDE such as the Safe and Drug-Free Schools and Communities Program, Special Education Services and Prevention and Support Services.

Offenses to be tracked and reported to the SDE through this program are those that are violations of the law or represent a serious breach of local board of education policy. Included are those offenses considered severe enough to be reported to local law enforcement or which resulted in a student being suspended out of school, expelled or placed in an alternative program.

PRIDE DATA 2007-2009

Pride Surveys was created in 1982 by professors at Georgia State University in Atlanta and Western Kentucky University in Bowling Green. Their purpose was to help local schools measure student alcohol, tobacco and other drug use.

Pride Surveys now measure behavior on many crucial issues that can affect learning: family, discipline, safety, activities, gangs, and more.

With today's emphasis on evaluation and accountability, Pride Surveys have assisted single schools, school districts, state and federal agencies, and other organizations such as community coalitions.

In 1998 a federal law designated Pride Surveys as an official measurement of adolescent drug use in America.

More than 10 million students, parents, and faculty members have responded to Pride Surveys. We have conducted more than 32,000 school level surveys.

Pride Surveys is independently owned by International Survey Associates and is housed in a state of the art facility in Bowling Green.

Selma High School Graduates and Completers 2009

Selma High School Drop-outs Rates from 2007-2009